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About Me

Many years ago, back in my mid 20’s I decided to commit suicide. The plan was to jump in front of a train. Obviously, it never happened, and you would think having the great epiphany and not following through would be the start of something special.

You would think the realization would bring huge improvements to my life. Nothing could be further from my experience. The real nightmare was about to begin.

The problem!

It wasn’t just the events in my life which led to the spiral, it was my reaction and the destructive thinking which followed. In fact, it was all about my mindset.

My thinking was destructive, and I’d acted on the beliefs this thinking had created. Toxic relationships, self-sabotaging behavior, a path of carnage which led to an arrest and bankruptcy.

I could never have anticipated how I would be saved.

An impromptu writing class led me to a chance meeting with an occupational therapist who needed a care worker/ mentor for an aggressive male adult who had suffered a life changing head trauma. This chance meeting became my new occupation. A new career helping vulnerable adults rebuild their lives.

With my personal experience of losing everything I understood their fears, I understood the pain, the vulnerability, the loss of hope and how powerless it feels. I understood it can literally feel like it will never stop and there is no way out.

Because I had come through all of this, I was able to explain how I moved forward, how I overcame the challenges. I was a living blueprint of what could be achieved and how it can be achieved.

Together we worked out the obstacles, how to overcome them, and for the first time. I saw the difference I could make.

And now, I coach people from around the world.

22 Floors is a story about the reincarnation of the soul.

22 Floors Book Cover

22 Floors

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