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If the problem was in the conscious mind you would fix it, wouldn't you?

Amazing results using guided hypnosis and tapping into your unique visualisation process. 

The healing power of your thoughts. Using your mind to control your body's response to to stress.

The subconscious art of healing.

Working with you one to one I tailor the hypnosis to enable you to visualise the person you can become and you will notice the difference in yourself immediately. 

A lot of physical conditions are either caused by stress, or aggravated by stress.

My unique one to one medications use hypnosis to focus on creating a relaxed state where the motions of stress can be addressed to enable the physical body to heal. 

All of my clients have tried conventional medicine, and unfortunately it hasn't work for them. 

This is an alternative therapy for the person who has tried everything and had no results.

I have worked on the following conditions and reduced symptoms.


Cancer Recovery


Autoimmune disease 

Chronic pain 

Limiting beliefs

Weight loss

Anxiety, low self esteem

Contact me for more details.

All sessions would require you to where heard phones of some description. 

All sessions can be recorded for you to listen back to.

Sessions take place over zoom and can be arranged in person if local to my area. 

£75 per session.

Please allow up to 1 hours.

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