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Adulthood to the Grave

The trick to life is getting from A-TH

A = Adulthood

TH= The Grave

In real life there is a point when you become dependent on yourself, and this is typically from early adulthood. Rules vary, but it’s a general starting point.

Once you become dependent on yourself you’re basically navigating your way to the grave and the road can be a little windy, a little bumpy, but if you take a wrong turn is can be an absolute nightmare.

Everyone should expect to take a few diversions along the way. Even the best satnavs can’t warn you about every detail. The difficulty is when we get really lost and we can’t find a way home. And normally that’s the problem we’ve lost our sense of direction on where home is or it’s threatened.

And I mean home in an open sense, a safe place, a place you want to be it doesn’t have to be bricks and mortar. Wherever you are in life if you feel safe in your heart. Home is where the heart is and even if you’re not aware of it you’re doing well in life. You feel safe, you feel comfortable. Be grateful for that shit, it’s important and the older you become the more you realise it’s priceless.

The road to the grave always runs smoothest when you know where you are going and what you are doing. When life brings you to a junction the right direction is the one sign posted “Fulfillment”

Take that road and keep on travelling, it will never let you down and you’ll cope with any surprises.

Do not be fooled by the promises of road signs which sound great. Chasing a dream which isn’t yours hoping one day it will lead you back to where you started. It doesn’t happen you end up in the wrong town and feel like a complete stranger in room full of people you know.

Do this too often and for too long. You end up in the ground with headstone marked regret!

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