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I love you, but what do you bring to the table.

I love you, but what do you bring to the table?

Seriously this is a question we should all be asking ourselves.

Can you look in the mirror and be proud of who you see?

We can all do with a bit of levelling up, a little extra kindness, a little extra compassion. For ourselves, we should be doing this for ourselves. You, me, your neighbor, whoever pops into your head. We could do a little bit more for ourselves.

Every now and then in life you must take stock of where you at and have an honest audit of who you’ve become. If you were an investment how much of your money would you invest. If you wouldn’t put in your life’s savings plus over time you’re doing yourself a disservice.

If you walked into a bar and you’re not attracted to yourself, if you’re not interested in yourself.

Why not?

Write down all of the things you dislike about yourself and then do something about it. Take that list and start leveling up.

People with high value, people with high self-worth. Work on themselves, they put time into becoming better at being who they want to be. They set the bar and when they reach it, they set it again.

They don’t sit back and celebrate past glories. Sure, they’ll appreciate them, they’ll celebrate them at the time, but they don’t sit back and expect them to last forever.

They look for the next level of improvement, how to expand their comfort zone, how to expand their horizons. Where are the possible new goals and what will it take?

This excites them, it gives them satisfaction.

And here is the most incredible thing, the miracle. The only thing you have to become better at. Are the things which you enjoy, which bring you pride.

You can be the best mum or dad, the best wife or husband.

I love doing (fill in blank)

I love being (fill in blank)

Whatever fills your heart is the biggest clue you need, it’s the only clue you need. Be the best version of you by doing what you love doing.

Because this is the person you would want to be best friends with, this is the person you would invest in, and do you know what that means?

When people meet you, they also want to be your friend and invest in you.

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