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Pride before a fall, is the way up!

Pride before a fall.

Actually, I have to disagree.

I don’t know anything which picks you up better than pride. When you’ve been kicked and are struggling to pick yourself up. Pride is the best hand you’ll ever be offered. If you can feel good about something that’s the first step to getting back on your feet and if you can multiply this, you can rebuild some bloody solid foundations.

Being proud of yourself doesn’t have to make you an arrogant fool who thinks they’re too good for this world. Being proud allows you to acknowledge your abilities, your confidence, and why you deserve some good fortune.

A proud person can pick themselves up and dust themselves down much easier than the person with no pride. The proud person is happy they know they deserve more, they deserve better. A proud person has a sense of entitlement and is happy to take the accolades.

The reason sometimes the fall hurts a proud person is because they can peacock a little, there’s a little bit of showmanship and bravado. They’re too good to accept a helping hand, they rely on themselves, they’re independent and this is great, but only when you’re doing well.

When life has given you a kicking you need to accept the helping hand. No one who’s ever been on the up and up has risen without a heling hand. It’s ironic the people with who need the help the most can be the most stubborn about accepting a hand. Those with real pride know they don’t belong on the floor. The floor is not their natural environment, they’re proud people and they stand tall.

This is known to them and is deep within their DNA and they’re proud enough of themselves to take a helping hand from anyone. They plan to get back to the top, they love watching the horizon from a great height.

In away they like the view where they see everyone beneath them. It’s a sort of snobbery because they know where they belong, and they don’t care how they have to get back there.

So get yourself a little pride, stride forward into life like it owes you a favor sometimes, and maybe someone might just give you a hand up.

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