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Show me your friends......

Show me your circle and I’ll show you your future has some truth, but it’s really an observation.

The foundations are true though, and sometimes it’s an uncomfortable truth, a truth which can scare us into inaction.

The circles we grow up in can have extraordinarily strong ties, if they didn’t tribalism wouldn’t be so successful and the human race possibly would never have succeeded, quite the way it has. You might see the world of people as one big conflict, and maybe there is some truth in this. But the reality is, this is how we evolved.

Tribes who worked together, and formed strong bonds were more successful. We evolved into a species seeking approval from our peers and appeasing each other.

There were leaders, and this leadership typically came at the cost of challenging the alpha male, and if you lost, you died.

Now if your current group of friends (tribe) loves getting wasted at the weekend, and playing computer games into the small hours of the night. The chances are you do too. And this is fine, there are no rules against it, but the people making headway are grinding and working.

If your group of friends (tribe) is grinding and working, what’s the chances you are too?

Quite high.

If we are the habits of our tribe, what habits do you and your tribe have?

Hitting the gym, getting in shape, eating healthy, earning money, investing your earnings, getting your sleep, making contacts, working on your goals, trying to raise your own bar every day.

Or, getting stoned, playing computer games, overweight, eating take outs, living from paycheck to paycheck, dead end job to dead end job, bitching and moaning about life.

Do you need any help understanding the importance of the observation?

It’s not that your friends are bad, but if you were a tribe 10,000 years ago……. You’d be dead!

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