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Stop! You’re not a Buddhist monk.

Stop! You’re not a Buddhist monk.

One of the best things to come out of modern technology is the worldwide connection we have. Nothing, at least in theory is more than a click away, and when the internet started to open up so did the wave of health remedies from around the world.

The more obscure, the more exotic, the more profound the effect could be. We had super foods, specialist salt, honeys, gut bacteria. You name it someone found something from somewhere and stuck a label on it, double the price, and guilt tripped you into buying it.

Not only was this newfound product key to your health, but it also cured all manner of diseases you didn’t know you had.

But, that’s not what this blog is about. That’s just a rant which popped into my head at the start.

No, today I am discussing meditation, the mis-use and the bull shit. Now here’s my disclaimer. I do meditate, I meditate daily. Sometimes in silence, sometimes to music or mantras and sometimes badly, really bloody badly. And when I’m finished I wished I’d never bloody started.

For the most part meditation can be good. It certainly has its place and if you can find a way to clear your mind well done you. But the practice of meditation across the ages and cultures was from a very different time. Often those practitioners didn’t have anything else to do. Being at peace was their purpose, their role. They were likely to be some sort of Yogi, Buddhist Monk, or Priest. This would have been their daily practice by default.

They were not rushing to get the kids to school, commute to work, meet the deadline, do the laundry, go to the supermarket, pick up their prescription, pay the bills, take the dog to the vet, pick up their parents, and finally get home and ask someone else how their day was and have to damn well listen.

Their life was different, completely different. These meditation practices are thousands of years old and were done by people who dedicated their life to the practice.

Pull ourselves forward to the modern day and you’re expected to have the calm of a still pond and imagine the lotus flower opening your chakra while some dickhead driver just cut you up and you get to work to discover Kevin the office moron had a great idea and he’s f##ked up your weeks work.

But don’t shout or loose your shit…..


And breathe, do not attach yourself or it controls you and you hold onto it for the day, and all this profound nonsense is in fact true.

We shouldn’t burden ourselves with the overflowing rage of our anger. We shouldn’t let these little things in life blow our heart valves, but they do, and they do because it’s an accumulative effect to day to day living.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to start our day pondering life as the sun rises, picking lifesaving organic super berries all day until the sun sets when we practice gratitude.

Instead you get to do your best, with the world you have and if you manage to get home and find 5 minutes to chill, that’ll do for today.

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