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The Nature of the beast

The nature of the beast

Have you seen those lion keepers who get into the compounds with their lions? At first glance it seems crazy, then for a moment you think they’re tame, like pets. If you watch a few of these keepers do interviews, they make it clear the lions are neither tame nor are they wild. They’re lions, as the keeper they know their lions and they know the rules.

I saw an episode with one lion keeper playing with a male, and suddenly it caught an animal. The keeper immediately moved away. When asked why he told the camera if he approached the lion he was just playing with, he would think I was challenging him for his food, and he would kill me.

If you search the internet you can find lots of examples of these types of keepers who interact with their lions, but never forget, nor do they ever disrespect the nature of the beast.

They know the rules and stick to them, and when they don’t!

They die.

Many times when I’m coaching I come across clients who try to deny the nature of who they are. They get themselves into a right mess trying not to be who they are. They embrace everything they deem positive, and will often over do this trait to deny the dark side.

And, eventually the nature of the beast comes out of the dark side and wonders into the light. No longer willing to stay in the dark. The suppression didn’t weaken the dark side, the denial hasn’t made it less so. Quite the opposite.

The dark side, your traits which you tried to hide in the shadows, rested, gained energy and a new lease of life while you became exhausted trying to pretend to be who you are not.

It became restless and sensed your fear, the fear you would be found out, the fear you’re not who you pretend to be.

You can do whatever you want, but if you’re not paying attention, you’ll be caught off guard and the nature of the beast will reveal itself and carnage will come. Once unleashed, it needs to be exhausted before it will take it’s place back in the cage.

Never deny your true nature, learn the rules, learn to control it, but most of all, like the lion keepers. Learn how to interact with the beast which can destroy you…..

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