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The Self help addiction

The self help loop

A never-ending cycle of reading the same books with the same message, and I’ll confess I’m still guilty of this at times. In truth I love a self-help book, I always find something new, a nugget I had missed before.

I sometimes understand the cynical sneering I hear towards the self-help industry, I myself, am part of the industry. The biggest crux of the industry is those who sign up and can’t follow through with their own goals. The biggest scam is those who promise a formula to make you a millionaire on Tuesday, and if you sign up now before the sunsets under the unicorn retrograde or something like that, you’ll be a billionaire by Monday.

In truth, or at least my two pence worth. What we as an industry do well, what we excel at, is helping you understand there is a blueprint to succeeding. We know how the best set their bar and we can guide you to do the same. But like with anything in life, we can’t make you.

The champion weightlifter did all their work and preparation in the gym. Most likely 10 years before ever winning a medal.

The world-renowned pianist had a natural skill and started playing when they were 7, and by the time they reached 30, the had surpassed the magic 10,000 hours by another 100,000 hours.

So how does this help those stuck in the self help loop. Well for a start, stop trying to dominate the world if you’re not prepared to dominate the practice sessions and shrug off the failures along the way.

The best performers in anything, have an obsession and they can’t be put off. Give them the right coach and they excel and become the world’s best.

And you can learn from this. Set out your goals, your wants and desires and putting it simply, take action be consistent and be disciplined.

Repeat this for 365 days, and repeat times 10. At the end of the decade let me know how you have done. The problem is a decade is long time, certainly a lot longer than the time it takes to read the next chapter of your new book, and certainly a lot longer than the inspiration which resonates with every page you turn, but sadly doesn’t hang around long enough to take through the week.

And sadly, that is the truth, motivation, inspiration is great for Pinterest and Instagram. Discipline and consistency is hard and boring, and doesn’t pin so well or get many likes.

It does however work and change your life for the better.

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