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Truth Bomb!

It’s time for a truth bomb and I’m calling bullshit!

I don’t care what your friends, your family or the law of attraction tells you. If you’re dreaming of making something happen and you’re not doubling down, defining those goals and making yourself accountable. Nothing is going to happen.

You might win the lottery, but you’re not going to land that big client, that great job, lose weight earn money. Whatever it is you think you’re going get by sitting there dreaming it’s going to happen.

Your friends and family telling you don’t worry you’ve got this, you’re so talented, doesn’t count for anything in the real world. Unless those people are buying your services, hiring your talent or funding your ambitions. They’re talking shit!

We can all it taking action.

We can call it discipline.

We can call it consistency.

You choose the label because in real life it means getting off your ass and working for it. Making things happen for you. You keep grinding, you keep practicing, you keep learning and day by day, step by step you start getting better, and more experience.

At some point, you will get noticed. Someone will see you and you’ll have their attention. They’ll investigate who you are, what you’ve been up to. And when they check you out, they’ll see the evidence and when you speak to them you’ll flow with confidence.

Soon you’ll be the go-to person.

Soon you’ll be realizing your dreams.

Soon you’ll be living the life you wanted on your terms.

But we have to stop with the wishy washy if I sit here and do nothing life will turn out fine. It won’t, your life will disappear before your eyes and you’ll be left behind.

It starts now, it starts today.

If you have ideas, if you want something. Seek out people who are willing to tell you the truth, people who will ask you to be accountable for the things you say you want to do.

These people won’t feed your ego because they’re afraid to hurt your feelings. These people will invest in you, recommend you, pass on connections. Because everyday you’ll be proving to them how serious you are, and then, maybe the universe might help you out with a coincidence, a synchronicity, or you simply won’t be able to fail any more because you’ve become so damn good!

Think about that.

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