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Weight Loss Coach

Do you really want to lose weight? 
Be honest!

Is that what losing weight is about..... Losing weight.

If it is, you can stop reading now, because my solution isn't for you.

Diets, exercise regimes, gimmicks, no!

I'm not about that. I am about people who are serious and know how they want to look, how they want to feel and why.

I am a hypnotherapist, and your mind is the most powerful tool you have, and when you work with me, we use the power of your mind to build a picture of how you really want to look. You'll experience how it feels before it's even happened.

Together we work on building this picture and over 10 sessions we reinforce the process.

It starts with 
1 session a week for 4 weeks.
1 session a fortnight for 4 weeks
1 session a month for 4 months.

That's 10 sessions over 6 months. 

I mean it when I say I'm only interested in people who are serious. People who have had enough of hating themselves, people who are tired of yoyo diets and want real results. 

Someone who wants to wake up feeling and looking great. To actually make their dreams a reality. 

I am serious, are you?

Total price £1750
Payable over 3 payments. 
£750 deposit and 2 further payments of £500

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