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Clutter, a distraction in your life


It happens to all of us. We read a quote and it hits, somewhere deep. It gets under your skin, and make you think. The following quote by Christina Scalise, hit somewhere deep and got under my skin.

“Clutter is the physical manifestation of unmade decisions fuelled by procrastination”

And, I started a declutter. As I write this, I realise how much more I still have to do, and I realise just how much I have been holding onto. What I do not understand is why?

Why have I been holding onto all of this clutter, stuffing things away in draws. I cannot begin to tell you how much stuff I found, which I di not realise I owned.

And how much stuff was unopened, or never used. And then there’s the sentimental stuff. Birthday card from when I was 18, leaving cards from places I have worked, and people I have not seen, heard from or spoken to since I left.

I found an beautiful thank you card from Jen! Thanking me for helping her, and she pointed out. In the short time I had known her I had done more for her than some lifelong friends.

The thing is. I don’t know who Jen is. I don’t remember. But I held onto her card.

I now realise just how much I was holding onto. I am still fighting to allow myself to let go of more. In truth I am trying to push myself to the absolute limit.

I have discovered three categories.

  1. Can be thrown out.

  2. I will use it, want it.

  3. It must stay.

Category one speaks for itself. I throw it away or pass it on.

Now two, that is a tricky sucker. Apart from some tools, which just have practical use and just need to be sorted, organised, and put in their appropriate place. Which is a storage shed I have where my tools etc live.

This is more of a tidying exercise.

But the tricky suckers are the sentimental items. An ornament, a reminder of a place I have been, something from an old relationship which once reminded me of love, and the person I loved.

Some things I would just like to keep. Now I’ve noticed them again, I quite like them! And so it is, what do I do now?

I know I will just have to toughen up, and accept in the long term it is just clutter I need time to let go of. No doubt the resistance will snap, and I will have one last hurrah!

Number 3 is the easiest of all. It’s things like clothes, the iron, keys, etc. Essential items used frequently.

But back to number two. Here’s the thing. If clutter is “unmade decisions” could it also represent the views we hold of our self, and the world which are no longer of use.

Maybe the real declutter starts with our mind, and maybe it’s time for a real big clear out. Just what is serving me, and just what am I tripping over?

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