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Procrastination, is “What’s stopping you?”

Procrastination is a long word we use to sound clever around the question of what’s stopping you?

You need exercise. What’s stopping you from walking an hour a day?

You want a healthy diet. What’s stopping you from meal prepping?

You want to learn something new. What’s stopping you from enrolling in a class?

You want to travel. What’s stopping you from planning a trip?

What’s stopping you is fear or, laziness. The mind loves the path of least resistance, and the body can slide into the comfort of a sofa without much encouragement.

Here is the twisted irony. The less you do with your body and mind, the unhealthier they become. It is a sad fact of life.

We will gorge on box sets and sugary foods without skipping a beat. But ask someone to go for a walk, eat healthy, drink some water, read a book, take a class. They will protest like a fanatical activist.

Then one day, they wake up. The body hurts, they need prescription medication, and they feel depressed.

This is the real cost of procrastination.

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